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Parent Strains: LA Confidential x Purple Punch F2, 

Order Quantities: 3, 6 or 10 seed related messages, gift included 

DescriptionThis indica dominant strain is a powerhouse - L.A Confidential crossed with Purple Punch.  Violet Sky has spade shaped, tight buds and frosty, vanilla colored trichomes to top off the purple and green colas. This strain smells of rich pine, combined with a spicy red grape to follow.  Violet Sky relays a heavy smoke and has an intense flavor profile.  This focusing strain has an all-star defender in caryophyllene, which has been found to help with anti-inflammation and autoimmune disorders.  Violet Sky is perfect for those athletes out there who get muscle pains and soreness."

Further Clarification: We do not sell seeds, we sell seed related messages tailored to the strain described above.  In accordance with i-71 and it's enforcement, we believe it sensible to gift seeds of the strain described above, in the amount corresponding to the amount of messages purchased.  Messages and gifts will be delivered at the same time.